SUBAJ Turns Your Living Room into A Shopping  Spree

SUBAJ Turns Your Living Room into A Shopping Spree

  February 20, 2019   Sven Martin   No Comments

The future of immersive shopping with Augmented Reality

AR and VR are definitely in their infancy, however, that hasn’t given a red light to the retailers from maintaining distance from some pretty futuristic concepts for the technologies.

So far, both the technologies have successfully found their target audiences but still have not crossed borders to new areas like street retail, where online and traditional stores are still on the way to adopt these technologies. That means AR and VR are most likely not to change the way you shop this Black Friday. However, by looking at the recent developments of these technologies in recent times, we can say that it holds a lot of importance in defining mobile-based shopping experiences. They certainly hold the potential to alter our shopping habits and help retailers maximize their reach with their unique offerings which are more customer-centric.

Betting on Augmented Reality

SUBAJ offers Blockchain as a Service AR solution for In-Store Retail Marketing. Industries like Retail Outlets, Shopping Malls, Airports, Festival centers, Public Institutes, Cinemas, Museum , University Campus etc.
AR Marketing reduces up to 70% cost of Traditional marketing. Increases however the Customer engagement ratio to products and services offered by the Business.

With Augmented Reality, small businesses are making new ways for their customers to see how a pair of Nike sneakers will look like being at the comfort of their home or to view a pair of denim on a 3D model- as a result, the majority of people will prefer going to the stores where they feel more attached to. Such personalized experience really matters and a greater number of people would opt for the loyalty programs.

More than 61% of consumers nowadays prefer visiting stores that offer AR experiences — and surprisingly 40% of them happily pay an extra dime for your product considering their experience with AR. SUBAJ has invested in AR and blockchain technology to make it possible for the customers to be at their ease and go through your offerings whilst bringing in-store experience to life in a virtual sense. SUBAJ platform will certainly improve the shopping experience, once retailers associate with SUBAJ, they can promote their offerings to the customers in the vicinity thereby maximizing sales. Customers, on the other hand, will finally get some relief with regards to their likes and dislike as they know what they are looking for and who is offering the best schemes and discounts.

SUBAJ taps on emotionally driven purchase through augmented reality as there is always a surprise factor associated with it. Suppose you run a small coffee shop and your users can discover, choose, pay and pay for the products they like. Now imagine exposing an augmented reality interface to those customers. Once they are using the SUBAJ App for AR and Mixed Reality and instantly finds himself in his virtual store where he can examine the product and make a purchase decision. We are planning to have AR Glasses for Hands free interaction which will give your customers an all-new experience and they associate themselves with the business on a long-term basis.

Major Benefits of being associated with SUBAJ:

  • Users can virtually visualize the products they are willing to purchase online being at the
    comfort of their living room
  • Customers get to explore a number of virtual products and showrooms
  • Your customers get a concrete reason to visit your store
  • Highly promising in-store engagement
  • More customer-centric approach

The convenience of shopping online using a smartphone or a tablet usually faces tough obstacles such as shopping cart abandonment, returned products, lack of trust in product quality etc. are some concerns that AR is directly addressing. Being that AR is mostly seen through smartphones, SUBAJ is all set to improve the retail shopping experience through both product visualization and making mobile shopping and more meaningful throughout the customer’s decision-making process.

For the retailers who constantly strategize to increase conversions through online and mobile channels, SUBAJ platform is perhaps the one-stop destination for them.

Your customers will no longer be left with doubts about their purchases. As innovation in retail continues, SUBAJ is allowing shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions to increase conversion rates across all channels.

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