SUBAJ signs with PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany as Advisory Consultant

SUBAJ signs with PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany as Advisory Consultant

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Berlin, 26 March 2019– On the 25th March 2019, SUBAJ CEO, Mr. Adebayo Surakatu signed an Advisory Agreement with Mr. Bernd Schulze and Mr. Sascha Demgensky, Senior Managers PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany in Frankfurt at PWC Europe Headquarters. PwC to consult SUBAJ and evaluate its business models and operational strategies for its global expansion scheme and investor relations strategy.

“The PwC and SUBAJ teams share a collaborative and client-focused culture of personalized and responsive professional IT services grounded. Both organizations are proud of their long-standing client relationships and the way they are changing the world with technologies. “The combination of our professional services network and Mr. Surakatu’s Geoinformatics experience will enhance our ability to service clients across the globe.” Said Mr. Bernd Schulze, Senior Managers PricewaterhouseCoopers Germany.

SUBAJ team brings decades of combined experience in the blockchain, Digital Ledger Technology and Artificial Intelligence. SUBAJ is already making waves in its effort to globally disrupt way Customer shops and the way Merchant or Businesses sell their products or services. Recently SUBAJ announced its latest Product – SUBAJ iVisio – an AR Smart Eyewear which uses Artificial Intelligence to drive wishlisted or preferable products and services to customers in real-time. SUBAJ aims at mainstream global adoption and accessibility of its iVisio AR Glasses for everyone.

Berlin-based SUBAJ with the goal of bringing together retailers, merchants and other professionals to experience a next-level ecosystem surrounding their businesses. The organization works on various technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Social Gaming inspired by the concept of Pokémon Go. This collaboration will directly or indirectly be aimed towards service offerings, change management, and program management support.

 “It became clear that joining forces would result in SUBAJ’s widespread brand identity. We look forward to harnessing the full resources of our combined strengths to continue our growth.” Said Mr. Surakatu, CEO Subaj.

The partnership significantly strengthens the SUBAJ’s vision to become the world’s first blockchain platform for street retail marketing. Experts at PwC will also work closely alongside the SUBAJ’s board members to chalk down strategic communications, corporate finance, technology implementation etc. to offer their clients an unparalleled combination of advice and expertise.


About SUBAJ Global Network

SUBAJ operates the world’s first AR/AI Blockchain powered Retail Marketplace with a global Tokenized Loyalty and Reward Platform. SUBAJ has developed an Enterprise AR solution for Merchants, Businesses, Large Corporations in all industrial sectors. The SUBAJ Platform is set ready for Global Launch in August 2019. Mr. Surakatu and his team are zealously looking forward to a successful launch and further global strategic partnerships with great institutions.


Contact Information:

SUBAJ Global Network

SUBAJ GmbH, Parkstrasee 123, 28209, Bremen, Germany

Phone: +91 731 2974574


Mr. Adebayo Surakatu, CEO

Email: [email protected]

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