SUBAJ Partners With MiRAK AS, Oslo (Norway) As Financial Advisors

SUBAJ Partners With MiRAK AS, Oslo (Norway) As Financial Advisors

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SUBAJ continues to expand its network with new partnerships and collaborations. As the ICO is approaching, the company is more inclined towards financing and fundraising. SUBAJ is a huge project and will require support and contribution from the global community in terms of finance, technology, and retail commerce. Finance is no doubt a major driving force that decides the fate of a project. No business can sustain in the dearth of funding. It is, therefore, crucial to appoint the financial partners very carefully.

To ensure the ICO reaches its full potential, SUBAJ has appointed the Norwegian ICO and finance giant, MiRAK AS as a Financial Advisor. MiRAK is an ICO Services company based in Oslo, Norway and provides complete ICO solutions to the client enterprises. From planning online campaigns to analyzing results and providing technical assistance, MiRAK offers a one-stop solution for all the ICO activities of a Blockchain or crypto startup.  


The Presale or Pre-ICO of SUBAJ is about to begin where the investors can purchase the early SBJ tokens with great discounts in terms of bonuses. The presale will begin on 18th June and will go on till 18th July. The investors who purchase the SBJ tokens during this period of time will be getting various bonuses depending on the number of tokens they are buying.

After the presale ends, the token sale will begin. The first week of token sale starts on 19th July and ends on 25th July followed by the second week that starts from 26th July and ends on 1st August. The Bonus details and SBJ token details can be found in the SUBAJ White paper which is available on the SUBAJ website.  

Benefits of SUBAJ

Once it goes mainstream, the SUBAJ platform will be even beneficial to all the merchants and customers. Given below are some key benefits of SUBAJ Global Network.

  • The customers will be able to redeem loyalty reward points received from one Merchant at any other Merchant or retail store.
  • Customers can easily identify different types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs offered by the Merchants in a given Proximity zone.
  • The Companies and Merchants don’t have to spend a shedload of money in paid promotions, advertisements and marketing of their products and services.
  • They will get an active support from a global community of thousands of merchants, retailers, companies, clubs, and businesses.
  • Both customers and merchants can communicate with each other in a transparent manner.

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