SUBAJ Nominated for Excellence in Blockchain Technology in Retail Commerce

SUBAJ Nominated for Excellence in Blockchain Technology in Retail Commerce

  June 19, 2018   Sven Martin   No Comments

SUBAJ Global Network forms a decentralized platform and marketplace where different types of companies, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate for their mutual benefit. The platform offers crypto-based loyalty programs to the customers where they can also receive instant offers, discounts and loyalty rewards offered by the merchants via GeoDrop technology. The customers also get an AR (Augmented Reality) powered interface where they can easily locate Merchants in their nearby proximity zone.

However, one of the most enticing facets of SUBAJ is that the platform is powered by the state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology called Blockchain. In fact, it’s the mission of SUBAJ to disrupt the worldwide shopping experiences through Blockchain Technology.

For its unique contribution to the global shopping industry and elevating the scope and potential of Blockchain Technology, SUBAJ is nominated for the Excellence in Blockchain Technology in Retail Commerce at the New Age Banking Summit Europe 2018. Not only that, SUBAJ is also the Official Blockchain Partner of the this year’s NABS Europe event which is happening in Warsaw, Poland on 19th-20th June 2018. This is an absolute privilege for SUBAJ to be a prominent part of Europe’s biggest banking conference.

SUBAJ CEO, Mr. Adebayo Surakatu is also invited as a guest speaker at the event who will be speaking on the latest trends of Blockchain Technology in retail commerce.


The pre-ICO or presale of SUBAJ has already begun and will go on till 1st August 2018. The investors who purchase SBJ tokens during the pre-sale can also reap the additional benefits in terms of various bonuses. The investors can get up to 30% bonus on their investment during the pre-sale. The bonus details of ICO pre-sale are given below.


Minimum Contribution (in SBJ) Bonus
1000000 30%
600000 20%



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