SUBAJ Builds Blockchain as a Service platform for Retailers, Businesses and Industry Conglomerates

SUBAJ Builds Blockchain as a Service platform for Retailers, Businesses and Industry Conglomerates

  July 3, 2018   Sven Martin   No Comments

The forthcoming Blockchain based global loyalty rewards platform, SUBAJ Global Network is creating the headlines. There’s still time for the official launch and it has already created a buzz in the Blockchain as well as Retail Commerce industry. With a number of prominent awards under its belt, SUBAJ has made its presence felt all over the world, especially the European market. Lately, it was in news for all the major collaborations with Global Blockchain Communities, tech-savvy giants, industrialists and financial advisors. Apart from that, SUBAJ had the privilege of becoming the Official Blockchain Partner of globally recognized events like New Age Banking Summit, Europe 2018 and Global Blockchain Congress (GBC). 

Now again, SUBAJ is in news for building a Blockchain as a Service Platform (BaaS) for all the retailers, businesses and industrial conglomerates. Through this platform, SUBAJ aims at powering the Customer retention and Acquisition program for different types of companies and institutions. It also brings a Blockchain as a Service Solution (BaaS) called SUBAJ Merchant Token Developer Interface (SMTDI) through which any company can create and deploy its own Loyalty Tokens with ease and offer to their customers on their future purchases. 

The service can be availed by an Aviation Company, a Retail Conglomerate, Fast-food Restaurant Chain, Mega Malls, Universities, Event Organizers, City Tourism and Travel Agencies. Other entities that can also reap the benefits of SUBAJ SMTDI are Telecommunication operators, Energy Service Providers, Banks,  Fast Food chains and Logistics Companies etc.

The tokens created by a company are also inter-exchangeable via SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP). The platform can be used for exchanging Business Tokens with SBJ coins which powers the whole Ecosystem and also fiat currency whenever needed.

For the first time, with the advent of SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP), it’s finally possible that the Air Miles tokens can be used at a Bakery Store or at a restaurant anywhere across the world.

The platform will also help various businesses to deploy their own Loyalty Programs to drive Brand Awareness across different industries and enhance Customer Satisfaction.

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