SUBAJ Becomes The Official Blockchain Sponsor of the Global Blockchain Congress

SUBAJ Becomes The Official Blockchain Sponsor of the Global Blockchain Congress

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SUBAJ Global Network is proud to announce its partnership with Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) and is privileged to become the Official Blockchain Sponsor of the GBC event scheduled to take place in July this year. The annual conference of Global Blockchain Congress is taking place at Johannesburg, South Africa on 16-17 July 2018 and it will be an amalgamation of hundreds of tech-savvy industrialists and blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe. This exclusive Blockchain event focuses on exploring various prospects of Blockchain technology with a sharp focus on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The Global Blockchain Congress 2018 annual conference is going to witness some heated debates and group discussions on topics like how the crypto industry continues to grow globally and what are the potential opportunities in decentralizing the businesses using Blockchain. GBC provides a unique platform where global influencers in technology, civil society, and innovation convene can collectively participate for riveting discussions on the potential applications of Blockchain, ICOs, and Cryptocurrencies.

SUBAJ is the Official Blockchain Sponsor of Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) and plays a major role at GBC. The SUBAJ CEO, Mr. Adebayo Surakatu is amongst the top speakers at the event who will be speaking about Blockchain Technology and its role within the FinTech and Retail Commerce Industry. Mr. Surakatu is a renowned GeoInformatic Engineer and Serial innovator who aims to revolutionize the shopping and loyalty rewards industry through the SUBAJ Global Network project. Apart from that, SUBAJ is also launching a non-profit organization called SUBAJ Charity Foundation, a blockchain based social welfare Foundation aimed at helping the deprived and homeless children in the world.

SUBAJ is also nominated for several awards at the event including Excellence in Application of Blockchain to Consumer Rewards Schemes; Excellence in Application of Blockchain to Social Welfare, Excellence in Best Blockchain Technology and many more.


SUBAJ Global Network

SUBAJ Global Network is a consortium of both Online and Offline Merchants using the SUBAJ Blockchain Technology to target their offers, rewards, incentives, discounts, coupons, and vouchers to the customers. SUBAJ offers a blockchain based Shopping and Rewards loyalty Platform where customers get rewards and loyalty in terms of value based crypto tokens instead of traditional points. With SUBAJ Blockchain Platform, merchants can directly (in real time) communicate and market their products and services within a specified proximity zone to the targeted customers.

SUBAJ uses Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Geodrop Technology and Social Gamification to create a new state of the art shopping and reward experience within the retail commerce sector.


Targeting The African Market

The partnership with Global Blockchain Congress further paves way for SUBAJ to enter the African market. For making it happen, SUBAJ has will be establishing major collaborations with African market players including Government Agencies, Central Banks, and other Financial Institutions.

By emerging into the African market, SUBAJ aims to introduce innovative technologies to the industrial sector in Africa. Various Banks, Businesses, Financial Institutions, Merchants, and Retailers can use the SUBAJ Merchant Token Developer Platform, a blockchain based interface to increase their customer loyalty.

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