Shabaz Ahmed Appointed As A FinTech Advisor of SUBAJ

Shabaz Ahmed Appointed As A FinTech Advisor of SUBAJ

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As the ICO date is approaching, SUBAJ team is expanding in numbers. With a dedicated finance and marketing team, SUBAJ is now ready to ace the Initial Coin Offerings that are starting in a week. Apart from that, the company is going to spend a fortune in paid marketing. So clearly, the finances will rise and to keep everything in right order, SUBAJ has appointed Shabaz Ahmed as a FinTech Advisor and ICO Expert.

Shabaz Ahmed is a Strategic Sales Director at UMS Conferences with vast experience in cultivating relationships with decision makers from the leading companies in and around Middle East, Europe and Africa. He has worked closely with all departments internally/externally to achieve steep growth in average deal sizes, individual performance and overall revenue.     

Shabaz has worked on numerous projects some of which are listed below.

  • Smart & Sustainable transport summit 2017 Dubai, UAE
  • Cyber security 2017 – Kuwait
  • UAE- INDIA Economic Forum 2017 – Dubai, UAE
  • IOTx conclave 2017 Muscat Oman
  • FINSEC 2018 – Dubai, UAE
  • CDO Conclave 2018 Dubai, UAE
  • New Age Banking Summit Muscat Oman 2018
  • New Age Banking Summit Warsaw Poland 2018
  • Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East Leadership forum – Dubai, UAE
  • The Global Blockchain Congress 2018

With Shabaz on board, SUBAJ team is looking forward to a start the ICO pre-sale and raise the requisite funds for the project. After the funds have been raised, Shabaz will further play a major role in carrying out the finances required for the development of the platform as well as the expansion of SUBAJ Global Network.

Shabaz will be advising SUBAJ on International expansion and collaboration with industry giants and Financial Institutions. SUBAJ aims at expanding successfully and deploying its Blockchain Technology into the MENA, Africa and Europe region. With Shabaz as a FinTech Advisor, he will pave way for SUBAJ regional and intercontinental expansion and business development.

Once the platform goes mainstream, it will help the merchants and customers in following ways.

  • The customers can redeem loyalty rewards received from one Merchant at another Merchant or retail store.
  • The Merchants don’t need to spend exorbitant amount of money in paid promotions and advertising to attract more customers.
  • Customers will receive instant offers, discounts and loyalty programs while travelling in a given Proximity zone.
  • The merchants get support from a worldwide community of millions of other merchants, retailers, clubs and companies.   
  • Both Merchants and Customers get a robust means of communication in a transparent manner.

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