Merchant Increases Sales Revenue and Product Awareness with SUBAJ’s Cutting-Edge Blockchain Platform

Merchant Increases Sales Revenue and Product Awareness with SUBAJ’s Cutting-Edge Blockchain Platform

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As the technological era and the industry-specific demands are experiencing change, the same way the approach towards the customers and the shopping platforms are adapting to these changes. This is perhaps the more effective decision for any merchant to stay upbeat in the race of the cutthroat market. In recent times many new technologies were introduced to enhance the customer experience such as Augmented Reality and Blockchain.

The blockchain is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives, being used in the healthcare sector, manufacturing, logistics, transport and nearly every context imaginable and is definitely creating its own place in the industry.


Building Transparency and Immutability with Blockchain

The recent developments in the retail industry have experienced tectonic shift with the blockchain technology makes the transactions and the business easy for the retailers as it allows them to attract more and more customers. Blockchain offers small retail outlets far better access to the most valuable commodity in the business world today which opens the doors for bigger opportunities in terms of customer experience. Keeping this in mind SUBAJ has built its platform using blockchain technology which will address mutual mistrust, unethical practices, scamming, and below-the-surface deals. The blockchain is one of the trustless, decentralized technology solutions, which is centralizing the customer’s loyalty programs that help the merchants and retailers in building credibility in their businesses.


The blockchain is one of the technologies which is easy to use and trust due to its features which are helping the retailers and merchants to remove the unnecessary layers of mistrust surrounding the quality. In a blockchain network, the data feed is secured and safe which automatically eliminates the intermediaries and bad actors involved. All these properties will directly help the retailers in moving ahead without any middleman and lessening the burden of spending more time and money.

Closing the Trust Gap

Blockchain provides multiple benefits to the merchants in different ways as they have given the platform for the safe and secure mobile payments as eliminating fraud by recording all transactions in the distributed ledger whilst enabling peer-to-peer crypto transfers. Also, blockchain helps in giving the authenticity of a product as it can capture every touch point in the product lifecycle, making it easier to determine if a product is authentic. Also, customers are more social and having themselves more updated with all the technologies and trends going on. Noticing this about the knowledge of proactive customers and their interest in the trending technologies SUBAJ comes up using the one and sharing the platform which is more assured, unlike the traditional ones. Blockchain has given all together a new form and the methods to multiple processes into business as transactions which on multiple occasions creates a hassle for both the buyer and the seller. Blockchain also has few rewards along with the cryptocurrency and loyalty programs which gives the advantages to the merchant and customers to boost-up the footfalls over online and offline.

As the knowledge and the demand among the customers are increasing now both blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. But as the enormous potential of their intersection is only just being realized as they together create magic because of their individual tremendous features. Together they can be used in the best way to create something brilliant a SUBAJ which is world’s first blockchain based street retail marketing platform.

SUBAJ Blockchain Platform- Reinventing the Consumer Experience

SUBAJ made a platform using the advantages of blockchain where different companies, merchants, retailers and service providers participate for their mutual benefits. Here merchants can create their own Brand tokens and list them of SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP) and offer attractive loyalty rewards and loyalty programs to drive top-line growth. The cryptocurrencies are operational within the SUBAJ global network and can be traded at a global scale. Each cryptocurrency is affiliated to and backed by SUBAJ Tokens (SBJ), creating a vast network of interconnected crypto coins within the SUBAJ Blockchain Platform.


By looking these brownie points for the merchants as well as the customers both sides, SUBAJ came up with this idea to give the surface to all those who want to grow faster than the earlier times by adopting new technologies and trends. SUBAJ platform has many features to attract new customers by employing blockchain along with social gamification which is inspired by the Pokémon Go concept. This altogether brings the best for the merchants by giving a new experience to the customers such as pop-ups during their shopping experience which excites them and the rewards hidden at different stores which drastically increases the footfall.


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